Jennifer Jolie
The passion for simple clothing was the push behind Jennifer into the fashion industry. As a nature lover, Jennifer finds her inspirations from the nature, such as the leave-dangling wind and the flying dragonflies. Some changes in the design of sleeves could be traced to her inspirations from the wings of a flying butterfly. Jennifer described the design concept of her clothes as "flutter", aiming at creating lighter and more comfortable clothing for the wearers.
White and Black Lace Trimmed Dress
$84.99 $271.26
Blue Round Neck Sleeveless Appliques Dress
$116.99 $465.24
Ivory Round Neck Sleeveless Appliques Dress
$116.99 $465.24
White Flutter Sleeves Lace Dress
$84.99 $279.74
Pink Flutter Sleeves Lace Dress
$84.99 $279.74
Black Lace Top Floral Midi Dress
$84.99 $320.42
Light Purple Leaves Print Lace Trimmed V-neck Maxi Dress
$84.99 $337.28
Blue Embroidered Shirt Mini Dress
$75.99 $303.40
Yellow Short Sleeves Ruffles Lace Dress
$93.99 $290.44
Pale Pink Embroidered Short Sleeves Gauze Mini Dress
$75.99 $273.06
Red Striped Shirt Dress
$71.99 $264.11
Green Lace Organza Short Dress
$69.99 $235.38
Light Purple Lace Mermaid Dress
$71.99 $228.42
Burgundy Long Sleeves Lace Dress
$84.99 $262.79
Pink Embroidered Illusion Maxi Dress
$140.99 $519.48
Dark Grey Polka Dot A-line Tie Dress
$84.99 $330.60
Warm Red Band Collar Knee Length Dress
$69.99 $242.72
Red Lantern Sleeves Lace
$82.99 $264.13
Black Single Breasted Vest
$80.99 $265.02
Black Lace Top With Striped Skirt
$93.99 $346.65
Blue Striped Beaded Dress
$80.99 $281.08
Black and White Print Dress
$71.99 $235.55
Black Zipper Front Knit Dress
$93.99 $337.28
Black Lapel Belted Coat
$95.99 $334.39
Red Asymmetrical Hem Dress
$71.99 $256.97
Dark Navy Band Collar Knee Length Dress
$69.99 $242.72