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As an independent designer, A.C.C. never stops telling the world with their designs that silky smooth feel from your floral printed long dresses can be better than what a good cup of Latte gives. Emphasizing original designs, A.C.C. dresses are highly acclaimed by customers for being comfy and graceful.
Abby Cliton
Brilliantly talented, Abby Cliton is the iron lady in the fashion circle. She made her name by applying various masculine designs onto the gentleness of women. Abby aims at using her designs to represent the modern office ladies whose values are as powerful and assertive as the men’s. Clean tailing and simple color use are the obvious traits in her design.
AGD is all about American honeys, free-spirited, sweet and lively. Yvette Lawrence founded this brand in 2003 and now she had left her position. Current director of the label is her sister, Yvonne, who graduated from Istituto Europeo di Design 5 years ago. The joining of Yvonne has made AGD more lively and vibrant that combines ideas from two.
Created by the namesake designer, this label finds itself between the dynamism of the metropolis and the exuberance of European retrospect, giving life to a style based on the reinvention of classic styles. The label represents the lifestyle of contemporary women who embark for changes and opportunities.
Alex Wong
After finishing a Master’s degree in Italy Alex Wong became an independent fashion designer and now has settled in the United States. His mother had a deep influence on his design. Being a Chinese career woman, Alex’s mom always wore business suits that looked serious, formal and not so approachable. So Alex has been thinking about making a difference in the design of businesswomen outfits. The graceful and smooth line meets the requirement of career women, while, on the selection of fabric, Alex keeps in mind about female's requirement of beauty. Alex Wong’s collections show a great combination of dignified, elegant and fashionable look.
Alice Donovan
Created by the namesake designer , Alice Donovan enjoys a very good reputation in the fashion circle. Alice never stops telling people that a good design can change the life. She emphasizes on original designs and pursues innovation, a floral print can be her design inspiration. Immaculate tailoring, precise color matching and the spirit of exploration, all of which attract people to be the Alice Donovan Fans.
Alie is a unique French designer and now has set up her own fashion label. Praised for its pure and natural design with a strong sense of individuality, Alie sticks to the masculine style and a mix of various fashion elements. Changing the design scale, innovating the modeling, and breaking the stereotype, Alie is a fashion junkie who exerts her energy and interpretation of fashion to create new sparks.
Every woman in this ever-changing hectic world wants a brand that is time-saving. AnBi offers lady’s wears for various occasions from formal suits to casual comfortable home wears. Simple colors and classic designs, AnBi provides consumers with both fashion and utility. Every season AnBi brings in surprising collections that give all you need.
Anne Douglas
Designs from Anne Douglas are as intoxicating as woody floral musk, attracting you to collect more and more of them. Warm, profound, refreshing and a sense of mystery, all of which are the elements as elegant as woody perfume. With natural fabrics and high-end artisan crafts, every dress is a boutique that best fits a woman’s figure and triggers pleasure to gentle skin.
Annelies Bourgeois
French-origin, Annelies Bourgeois is an independent fashion designer currently living in Belgium. She loves desserts a lot and her passion for the sweet indulgence has been translated into her designs. The theme of Annelies' design is always "the girl's dream" but her designs serve a wide range of age because Annelies knows that every woman has a girl's dream, and every girl longs for getting mature. The classic features include lightsome skirt, bright colors and unique collars.
Created by the brilliantly talented Roger Rance, AppearRances is an exciting hot new label for all your needs. You can find your wardrobe favorites in every season’s latest colors and styles. Roger believes that fashion is meant to be fun and he wants to create a brand that female can find self-flattering styles at any time of the years. Stunning corsets, dazzling detailing, and fabulous fresh designs are what you can always expect from AppearRances.
ARNE+ is the favorite for cool girls never willing to be a Lolita or little princess dressed in laces and bowknots. A dominant impression of monochrome, black and white, are in the designs. To advocate for neutrality and independence among modern women is the theme of this label. The tailoring and cut is simple and straightforward while the colors are at their minimum, all of which are used to represent the independent, ambitious and liberal modern women.
Created by Edith Eric, Arpege’s designs perfectly combine funky elements with modern elegance. One the one hand, designs from Edith are soft and full of revivalism, presented in the color choices in the printings. On the other hand, the exaggerated styling and shapes are the highlights in Arpege’s designs. The unusual petal shaped design is a specialty of this label.
Ashley McDonald
New Orleans is not only the birthplace of Jazz, but also a nursery for fashion talents. Ashley McDonald is one of the best African American designers in the vogue circle from New Orleans. As the chief designer, Ashley believes that diligence and devotion are the virtues of modern society and she wants her voice to be heard through her designs.
Asoka’s Pain
Mindfully created womenswear of a relaxed minimalist and neo-modern aesthetic, Asoka’s Pain creates a raw, alternative elegance. The collection features cross-cultural styles, married with modern clean lines, into interestingly constructed easy-wear pieces for a refinery femininity. Whilst living in the magical foothills of the Alps of Northern Italy in 2013, designer Ashley Avrach embarked on Asoka’s Pain, creating a venture to engage with this special place.
Daring color combinations, exquisite fabrics, unique blend and a passion for detail, Barkoczi is a dedicated niche boutique for urbane and luxury fashion designs from the Europe. The brand was establish by Danniel Barkoczi in 2002.
Bart Kenley
Kenley is an enthusiast of ancient oriental philosophy and the influence is reflected in several lines of his design. He focuses on female dressings and accessories, with a modern interpretation of the ethnic elements. Kenley only uses skin-friendly materials, and his designs are always comfortable to wear and give submissive overhanging wearing experiences.
Capturing the spirit of European nobility, BIGAASUN provides fair-skin ladies with the most elegant dresses that combine both eye-catching deluxe and refined details. The vintage elements are widely used in BIGAASUN’s designs such as lace, nail beads, flowers, hemline, and corset. A woman in BIGAASUN could give an illusion that she walked out from an exquisite oil painting frame.
Cathy Bayonet
Cathy remembered that it was a black military-style wool-and-cashmere cover coat that inspired her to return to designer career after she failed and left the industry in the late 2000s. Coming back from a long break, Cathy has poured all of her passion into the designs, making every piece of design a fashion statement.
Charlotte Adelaide
Charlotte Adelaide went to Paris 10 years ago in pursuit of education in fashion design. Now she is an independent designer with a fashion boutique in Lyon. Her designs are full of French elements, especially she is brilliant in using Rococo. Charlotte Adelaide is also an advocate of feminism. Her designs are embedded with not only the sweet, delicate and romantic Rococo style elements, but also a sense of strength and independence of modern women.
Shortly after meeting an extremely talented designer Ailsa Glendon, CHICPICCO was launched by Glendon with investment from ZEVE in 2005. At first CHICPICCO had only two boutiques, one in Paris and the other in London, selling only limited edition clothing. But soon the demands from consumers exceeded supply, driving CHICPICCO into a fast fashion brand with volume production today.
Christian Mara
Christian Mara is a hugely popular brand among office ladies. The flagship product line is its dresses designed exclusively for female professionals who are well aware of precision. Stylish, confident, and the fine materials used in the garments are the reasons behind the brand’s success.
Clement Brian
Clement Brian created the brand in 2006. The love and joy of life is the eternal theme in the brand’s designs. Clement believes that it is important to bring and share the happiness and we can all perform it by dressing right. Clement puts a great emphasis on designing female clothing to the delight of the wearer. Complicated, glorious, heavily colorful, funky elements are commonly seen in her designs.
Crystallusions was created by an ex-professional traveler named Ane Patton in 2009. Before that Ane had traveled to more than 30 countries around the world. After seeing so many beautiful countries rich in culture and so many wonderful people in different clothing styles, Ane was inspired to pursue a career in the fashion industry to unleash her passion for beauty and understanding of fashion. You can easily find hints of culture fusion in her designs because it is everywhere.
Daisy Bell
Daisy Bell was founded in 2014 by Marrisa Beloved - born and raised in New Jersey. Marrisa majored in Fashion Design with double minors in Fashion Merchandising and Product Development, receiving her BFA in May of 2013. In fall 2012, the designer spent a semester abroad in Paris, honing her skills at both the Mod'Spe International School of Merchandising and Paris College of Art. As a two time Fashion Scholarship Fund Winner, Marrisa has had an impressive resume and set out to create a brand that celebrates the multifaceted aspects of a woman's personality.
Damian Lone
Created by the amazing Irish fashion talent Damian Lone, this label offers feminine and polished clothing to confident and glamorous women. The label has a designer approach which is sophisticated and of good quality. Whether you are looking for season staples or statement pieces, Damian Lone will take you from day to party.
Dancing Flower
Romantic is not only an art genre but also a fashion style whose representative masters are Alexander Mcqueen and John Caliano. Dancing Flower is of this kind that has a deep passion for wonderful decorative details and designs that give an airy feel. Natural and harmonious image, light and mild colors, soft and gentle materials, round and clean lines, are all the elements that contribute to a sense of nostalgic romance.
Dancing Rashall
Slips are the best single items for silk but Dancing Rashall wants to tell us the possibilities for silk items are unlimited and there can be various expressions and glorious forms in silk. High quality of silk materials in the garments is the distinctive trait of the designs from this label. Dancing Rashall sources its silk materials exclusively from silk farms in China. Designers of Dancing Rashall believe that only the best materials can make clothes dance.
Danny Leonard
Based in Hong Kong, Danny Leonard is famous for its contemporary style. Danny, chief designer of the label, believes in the motto "Enjoy Your Design Life". To his belief, every design has a story and tells the story of the wearer. He puts in all of his inspirations and efforts to make his design touching and pleasing. Many famous HK celebrities have their evening dresses made here.
DEFY is the abbreviation of the legendary Princess Diana, who is considered the name of elegance by many. Founded in 2008, the first designers have set the basic tone of the style and sold mainly long skirts and longuettes. This was because at that time the designers believed that pants could never express female gentleness. However, a change of designers has changed the tone and now other female elements are widely used in this brands such as embroidery, silk and lace.
Diana Edward
Eye candy or Iron Lady? Neither! Growing up in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the independent designer Diana Edward is far from a vainglory blonde young lady of note. She decided to become a fashion designer 5 years ago during her stay in Japan. She was so obsessed with the Japanese culture and she wanted to create a brand to introduce the Japanese elements to the US. The oriental elements in combination with western fashion trends are the distinctive traits of her design.
Dominic Firch
As a modern art lover, Dominic Firch founded this incredible label from the desire to create cloths that translate his passion for styles, colors, and delicate finishes in contemporary forms. Expect eye-catching color blocks and contrasts, and smart use of embellishments.
Doris Leo
Considered weird and difficult to get along with, Doris Leo was warmly accepted by her fellow classmates and tutors when she was in the Fashion Collage in Italy. Her talent in fashion designing was highly recognized in the school because she dared express through her designs. Doris had a reason for choosing Italy. As she explained that she was fascinated by the Renaissance styles and arts so much. What makes Doris Leo so special is that it smartly channels the 16 century and never stops reinvention.
Dwight Lareina
Dwight Lareina was a student majoring in literature in Brown University when he first found classical fashion designs and the history of women fashion fascinating. The Baroque and the Rococo had the greatest impact on his interpretation of fashion and the admiration of these styles has become the protocol in his design when he established his own fashion brand three years later.
Based in Singapore, Elandis was launched by Bruno Choo in 2006. The jewelry label creates playfully provocative artisan-crafted jewelry that rejuvenate traditional notions of what make something precious and desired. Quality and design are highly emphasized by the chief designer Choo.
David Core, established the fashion label ElementX in 2009 after quitting a game-testing job. The label offers a range of expression and identity that fits the fast changing context of today’s fashion. With the vision to change the way we make and wear cloths, ElementX sticks to Minimum Waste principles and to a maximum reuse their fabrics and other materials. Zipper dress is the signature design of this label.
Etienne Costa
Etienne Costa’ s dresses combine exquisite designs and unique tailing methods to show fashionable and smart ideas. This brand integrates renaissance and modern design concepts ingeniously and the fusion gives Etienne Costa a unique charm. From the design to the build, from the color to the model, the brand aims at shaping a mature, confident, noble and independent woman. The recent spring and summer collection was a great success and has since attracted an impressive number of faithful followers.
Eye-On is unique in its wide collection and assortment of styles and colors. The brand is highly aware of the importance of being environmentally friendly, and its garment disposal center has now inspired many other labels to follow suit.
Created by the brilliantly talented designer Dorian Fond, Foiind was an instant hit for its first collection on black lace dresses. Cut long and slim, Dorian’s dresses are typically good at elongating your frame, lending a subtle drama that touches off fantasies of you walking a show, enchanting admirers.
George Machaon
George Machaon, specialty in female outfits, received a great popularity since their launch in 2013. Suits of this brand target at women with an iron ambition in her career. The most obvious feature of the designs is that it gives women a tough and distant look and suitable for them to wear in an on-duty role. In addition, the streamlines of the suit are so refined it is believed by many as a statement suit for their taste.
Glama is a world-class brand providing latest fashion and designs in clothing. There are a variety of clothes that you can comfortably wear for any occasion. If you are a summer out-goer or spring lover, Glama still gets you covered with a wide range of options. Designers at Glama are especially good at skirts and dresses and you can expect to find skirts for any purpose. The brand never disappoints in getting customers the latest trending designs.
Grecian Vibe
Grecian Vibe reflects a positive and caring attitude towards life that celebrates ‘real’ people and is not dictated by the fashion industry’s limitations. Each capsule collection reflects the combination of four elements - effortless style, timeless cuts, high-quality materials and superb tailoring. GV’s sophisticated collections are inspired by art, architecture, rare books and travel destinations - all of which stimulate the designer team’s imagination. 
Growth & Wind
Growth & Wind was created in Holland in 2006 and has been well accepted by the market since. “Gone with the wind” is famous but will wind grow? The brand founder said that fashion trend is just like the wind, which changes all the time. What Growth & Wind wants to do is leading their costumers to the fashion trend they create.
Herrara distinguished itself by combining crafted fashion designs with directional, modern designs. The brand always ensures that women enjoy different tailor-made clothes for all seasons. The extraordinary expert craftsmanship, high-end qualities and exquisite details make you feel like you are about to walk on the red carpet. If you have constantly been looking for a one-stop clothing shop, Herrara is a perfect choice.
Hukful is home to the best cloth designs for both European and American high end fashion lovers. Hukful accommodates a variety of designs, offering trendy, colorful and attractive fashionable casual-wear clothes for young women. The brand focuses on fine detailed clothing that clearly expresses the uniqueness of women in different occupations. Appreciate your beauty with the best figure-friendly attires from renowned world-class designers. Enjoy the latest luxurious and colorful clothing at Hukful.
Created by Adrian van Susteren in 2005, Hyprinidae is a label of rich Dutch inheritance. Distinct style and design sprung from Adrian’s philosophy that women beauty exudes grace and elegance and fashion in return empowers women.
This world is full of unique cultures but the pursuit for beauty is a common theme of all people. Various aesthetic tendencies from people living in different areas offer designers of HZSZ abundant inspirations to reproduce dresses in exotic styles such as Bohemia, Indian, Sicilian and so on. All elements seem coexist in harmony in the clothing with modern design ideas.
IIIuminae ladieswear means classic sophistication. The label is devoted to creating clothing for modern and artsy-intellectual women. The distinctive features of their works are handcraft embellishments, hand paintings, and high quality finishing of garments. What is distinctive about IIIuminae is that it creates clear garment lines, yet with a twist and a harmonious combination of colors, elements and decorations.
Created by Donald Rompon, InSTANT is a label specialized in dresses with exquisite feminine styles, channeling the 1960s. Bold use of asymmetric designs, InSTANT has a full collection of eye-catching items on offer.
J.O.Y is all about rebooting your wardrobe with fresh, chic and elegant basics, especially for the oversize figures. Channeling a feminine and youthful vibe, the fashion forward collections from J.O.Y allow you to mix and match styles that suit your personality.
Jade Wu
The Chinese-American designer Jade Wu tries to shape a new female image to show maturity and elegance. Familiar with the fashion trends in both the East and the West, she uses the high-end fabrics and simple trailing to express lingering charm of femininity. Featured with the elegant fits and the amazing dresses, Jade Wu aims at shaping an elegant, noble and exquisite female look.
Jadeite Above Cloud
There are many who pay more attention to the materials than the styles because good fabrics never get out of date. Jadeite Above Cloud is the brand created by an independent designer Julie Gospel, an Australian female fashion trendsetter who uses silks or high-end fabrics to make cloths that perfectly fit female bodies. Clean clipping, simple colors and the best fabrics are what Jadeite Above Cloud offers.
Jane Doe
Created by art genius John Shotten, Jane Doe is a label specialized at making skirts and offers feminine and polished styles to the contemporary confident and demanding women. The designs reflect John’s sophisticated approach to fabrics, pattern and cutting. You can find a great range of wonderful skirts in various styles.
Jane Scott
Born in New York, Jane Scott was a professional dancer before going into the fashion industry. She launched her first line of designs in 2010 under the name of Jane Scott and soon it became a hit in Western Europe and Japan. The charm of Jane’s design lies in her smart use of culture fusion, which represented her early memories of her neighborhood in the south end of the city.
Jasmine & Oliver
Aren’t Jasmine and Olive a beautiful gift from God? Created by wizard designers Jasmine Thomson and Oliver Evans, Jasmine & Olive is a unique brand from this couple of talented designers. There are so many impossible matches in Jasmine & Olive such as turning the material of a silk scarf to make a pair of short pants. As long as there are imaginations there are possibilities in Jasmine & Oliver.
Jazz Age
Robert Baker is an independent designer from the United States. He is famous for the vintage style with elements from the 19th century. The glorious side of his designs is of extremely luxury with heavy tied-dyed techniques that looks like oil paintings. The simple designs are the other side of Baker’s style. Overall he attaches great importance to the tailor and lines of clothes, which makes the less is the best.
Jennifer Jolie
The passion for simple clothing was the push behind Jennifer into the fashion industry. As a nature lover, Jennifer finds her inspirations from the nature, such as the leave-dangling wind and the flying dragonflies. Some changes in the design of sleeves could be traced to her inspirations from the wings of a flying butterfly. Jennifer described the design concept of her clothes as "flutter", aiming at creating lighter and more comfortable clothing for the wearers.
Joanna Wong
Uniqueness, fashion, elegance and independence are the core ideas of Joanna Wong's designs, aiming at shaping a confident image of women. She believes that every woman is a unique individual in the world, which is the inspiration behind the brand. And this is combined with neutral, forthright and sincere attitudes. Joanna is also an extraordinary stylist specialized at mix and matching.
Jonathan Scott
Are you interested in a dress hand-painted by a painter? Jonathan Scott was a traditional school artist graduated from Royal College of Art. Influenced by his friends in the fashion circle, Scott creates his own fashion brand in London. Oil paintings are what Scott specialized at and as a result it is not difficult to find his designs full of elements that are part of professional paintings.
Jozen Pink
With more than ten stores in Tokyo, Jozen Pink aims to be one of the best independent fashion labels in Japan. Collections are exclusively selected while the quantity in every season is limited, making Jozen Pink one of the hottest labels at the moment. Jozen is a name from Japanese and it refers to the philosophy that “being the best is like being water from high, bringing all benefits down to all without getting payback”.
Juliana Hall
Juliana Hall specializes at making suits and dresses that show an empowering look for modern career women. Highly hailed by followers for outstanding designs and the use of exquisite fabrics, Hall enjoys steadily growing popularity in Melbourne. Now she has started looking for a bigger audience.
Karida George Wells
Karida George Wells is a Spanish brand focusing on high-end market and targeting middle class consumers. Named after the maverick chief designer, Karida George Wells departs from the classics and rebels against orthodoxy, which makes its collections look romantic and unconventional. 'It is youth time what is transient and precious, worth our courage to subvert traditions and express ourselves bravely', said one of the designers.
Kenneth Samuel
This indie brand was established by the creative mind Kenneth Samuel in late 1990s. Kenneth has a flair for creating unique but wearable pieces for women. Specialized in defining female silhouettes, the label eludes freshness, elegance and quiet edginess.
Konni Chiwa
Named after the Japanese greeting, Konni Chiwa is actually a brand created by Joshua Tze, a Malaysian designer based in LA. In a world where time is of the essence, Joshua wanted to create a clothing line which would at once encompass both style and ease for the contemporary woman of today. In embarking on this project, Joshua had to take into consideration both the need for versatility and that all essential factor of individuality. Konni Chiwa with that signature hint of seduction, appeals to the hip, sophisticated and body conscious woman who takes pride in her appearance, no matter where she may be.
Created in 2009, LANii is an advocate of female elegance. Allan, the chief designer of this label, believes elegance is preferable in comparison with a bad gal philosophy. LANii's designs mainly cater women looking for elegant styles for formal occasions, with most collections focusing on long skirts and female suits.
Drawing inspiration from vintage jewelry and films, designers Lasry creates stunning fabrics that exude the charm and femininity. In her designs, the French romance, Italian grace and British elegance are combined with oriental style. She is good at using the high-quality and soft natural materials, with the perfectly fit trailing, to create the elegant and simple dresses. The customers show their fashion and luxurious tastes with the prominent charm in Lasry's collections. Lasry is responsible for designing elegance for consumers to be blooming in four seasons.
As a label with French origin, LeLandais is most acclaimed for their take on traditional fabrics. The carefully selected fabrics are washed and creased to lend everything a lightness and gentle femininity that plays the classic silhouette of an elegant woman.
Leona Oscar
Born in a small town in Devon, Leona Oscar has great affection for the beauty of nature. Her early memory going to the seaside and years of training as a surfer have become part of her design. Featuring tides, sky and elements that are distinctive across seasons, Leona creates a wonderful universe and puts it into the delicate pieces of her designs.
Created by Betty Swindon, LIFTED is a label of integrity and style. To make fashionable wearable design that transcends season and time is the value behind this women clothing line. LIFTED specializes at elevated garments that augment femininity.
Lisa Claudia
Born in Austria, Lisa has been trained as a musician. Since her childhood, she has been arranged to attend different kinds of training and performances in many countries. During her trips, she met some of the other girls worrying about their costumes before stepping on the stage. So she used to prepare a few more dresses for them. Finally at the age of 17, she get on the stage of Golden Hall of Vienna to meet her family’s will. When everybody believed that she has approached the peak of her career and should maintain that all her life, she announced withdrawal. Musician was always her family’s expectation towards her, while she expected to be a designer from her childhood. After graduating from a design college at 23, she went to the UK where she built her studio and dedicated herself to the design of exquisite but affordable dresses for the girls dreaming of stage but worrying about their costumes. She is good at making dresses by using inexpensive materials with high-end design philosophy. Furthermore, she always reduces her own profits for bringing down the cost of dresses. In her eyes, her designs are serving and completing girl’s dream of stage.
‘The pursuit of individual and personal style becomes so much more important as you get older’, said Loren Sheron, a former fashion editor who turned a designer at her late thirties. The label was founded to delight women who love fashion at all ages.
Lotus Cairo
Fantastic tie-dyed printing is the most distinguishing feature of Lotus Cairo, a label founded by Felicia Brant, a professional painter from Royal Academy of Art. At first she printed flowers and patterns on homemade silk clothing with request from a friend. But it went off like a bomb among her friends, leading to the birth of Lotus Cairo.
Created by Olimia DeCapre, an active designer and teacher of the school of fashion design in Frankfurt. Favorite thing is engaged professionally since 2013. Working biography has experience in the creation of clothing, studio tailoring, online studio, party shows historical costumes. The label is specialized at enlarging the severity of the lines - the style for women of a large dynamic city.
Lucas Pagani
Inspired by his grandfather, who has a women garment shop, Lucas Pagani created his own label at his final year in university. The label is full of creations that are simple yet made of elegant lines, as well as trendy decorative elements.
Created by Mathis Deschamps, the label M.DESCHAMPS  encapsulates an easy modern wardrobe that’s inspired by 80s, 90s heritage and topped with premium wears. The latest collections from the label call for an injection of dark romance mixed with functional fabrics and effortless dressing.
MADECA was created by María de Recalde. Raised by a family of creative wanderlusts, she developed a love for color and materiality in a setting where environmental consciousness was the norm.??María illustrates a multifaceted approach to sustainability and materiality through the concentration on waste reduction, fiber content, dyestuff, and traditional craft. Being exposed to the influences from her parents’ passion for world culture, María works with natural dyes to create vibrant and saturated colors and her label MADECA presents smart multicultural accents.
Marcus Mercedes
Professional buyer’s choices are always more than safe play. With 7-year experience as a fashionable buyer in London, Marcus Mercedes started his own brand in 2010, with the beauty of the great nature as his main theme. Embroidery, blue and white colors, silk, frog, openings, all these eternally stylish elements can be found here.
Marina Ines
Marina has a sense of beauty in all forms, making her design a fusion of various styles. She improved the clothing style from the Victorian times, and extracted the gorgeous and soft elements like lace and spun yarn. Combined with the modern excellent printing technology, she creates her unique retro style.
Mia JA
Mia JA was an immediate hit when it was first created. The French designer uses oriental culture as references and mixes them with elements from her own country to create exquisite looks. Expert in depicting femininity, Mia JA has become the favorite of females who want a distinctive personal style.
Created by veteran fashion buyers, MilanSJ shows excellence in tastes and aesthetic capacity. Matthew, a former high-end buyer from Milan, regards the basic items crucially important for everyone and he is particularly fond of well-designed basic items. The brand is making efforts to design exquisite collections of basics for modern women.
Mina William London
Created by a Londoner who never left the city until her thirties. Mina William London is determined to revive the traditional British elements such as teatime, polo, old nobility, and tartan checks.
Neha Singh
Born in New Delhi, Neha moved to the UK with her parents since she was a little girl. Neha was particularly fond of painting and she had made several exhibitions of her works before settled down as a fashion designer. Neha is keen on applying floral patterns to her designs and she believes that flowers can best represent female. Blooming flowers, especially flowers at full blossom are the most commonly used portrayals in Neha’s design.
NIDO was launched by Adeline Kenny, a maverick independent fashion designer with a great art dream and ambition. To pursue her ideals, Adeline started her own label to make clothes totally in her own designs and ideas. This is an assurance of the best quality, fabric, trailing and materials that most suitable for the fashion ideas directly from the designer.
Nina Mercy
Nina Mercy created her fashion label with an expectation to revive a technical skill-set in making best dress. Her astute attention to detail and appreciation for clean cutting are revealed in her 2016 F/W collection. As a diligent worker, visionary thinker, and detailed executor, Nina’s design strengths best depict on her dresses. Her insatiable affinity toward luxury, and unique approach to design, integrating rich texture whilst creating shapes of a draped yet tailored quality, define her aesthetic.
Nordic Loom
Nordic Loom was established Henriette Winsnes, a young talented designer from Amsterdam, in 2013. The initial crafting - the construction of the garments - is a key source in the design process of the collections. The designer often draws inspiration from fields outside the textile world, and transforms the shapes and techniques into her universe and clothes, but keeps to the minimal. Quality is reflected both by working thoroughly with the making of the garments, and through the use of fabrics and details, which are all carefully chosen and developed. 
Working as an construction engineer assistant for two years, Demna Perkins chose to pursue her dream of a more creative path in life. Demna went back to school and in 2013 she graduated as a Fashion Designer from Teko Design and Business School. Her mixed backgrounds merged and showed to be of great importance for her creative work, and is reflected through O.M.X's new collections. Classic styles with a contemporary feel defines Demna’s Building Up collection for AW16. The inspiration is communicated objectively through what you see - the cutting of the clothes and through the use of details. 
Created by Angeline Oong, Oaks offers stylish, affordable women clothing to accommodate folks who want no fuss of what to wear when in a hurry. Casual pullovers with cartoon figures are the hits but the label offers far more than that.
Oliver J
Oliver J, a British independent label in high-end fashion designs, is always able to delight customers with styles full of intellectual, minimal and romantic characteristics. Design highlights include exquisite dresses in floral prints.
Created by Eliska Finkler, ORION is a womenswear label inspired by modern concept of minimalism on dressing. Designed in New York but mostly made in Taiwan, Orion aims at reinterpreting the classics in carefully sourced fabrics from the best factories you can find in Asia. Eliska believes in foundational dressing where personal singularity meets signature style. This is also a label actively engages in charitable events, such as Shining Hope.
Silks and velvet are the best skin-friendly materials, which is why they have been the favorite for making exquisite clothing for centuries. OulieLady is a brand specialized in smart use of silk and velvet in modern fashion designs.
Created by Sid Scratchpiece, the label Outlandish is critically acclaimed for its signature dark interpretation of Lolita. The label is not limited to a singular clothing collection, but also offers a wide range of contemporary interpenetration of Tudors, Victorian and Edwardian.
P&J targets at customers who pursue fast fashion. Innovative design delivered at a fast speed is what the brand good at.
Pelagio Calvo
Born and raised in Rio, Pelagio Calvo has a special designer approach towards female fashion. The new collection focuses on creating a certain consciousness on the possibilities between the garments and its wearer. Within the context of art and abstraction, the label aims at exploring the relationship of color and form. Pelagio is in search of for the relationship between the elegant female silhouette and fine fabrics as part of the context study. It is the communication within the body, the garment and its surroundings, expressed by the use of cuts, textures, and layering, that give this label a distinctive nature.
Perry Lance
Perry Lance has become a must-follow brand since it launched its first collection of black dresses 3 years ago. But the label is not limited for just a few collections and now it has boldly embarked on new expeditions. From design to material selecting, trailing, and to modeling, Perry Lance is keen on creating a sleek feel for every single item.
Phiphy AS
Arden Merlot and Sidney Justice co-created the label Phiphy AS. They love to use cotton and linen to create feels that show female beauty. Enjoying the comfort from cotton and linen as well as the nature styles for a refreshing look are the obvious benefits.
Coming from Japan, Popcheerio specializes at creating looks that have a thrown together quality. Their pretty draped details, gentle silhouettes, and smart use of sorbet shades look fresh and breezy.
Purple Violin
Yoon Twae, a tough young lady from South Korea, created the label in 2010. Vibrant colors, sophisticated embroideries and attires are the distinctive features of Yoon’s Design, giving a strong impression of femininity and cheerfulness.
Quoc II
Quoc II was created by Lalita Muddeha 5 years after her first attempt in fashion industry failed in 2008. As a womenswear clothing line, Quoc II aims to redefine femininity in contemporary Singaporean fashion. Lalitas key philosophical principal is to create an aesthetic with a theme of minimalism to allow synchronicity between modernity and wearability, expanding and challenging the common perception of feminine style.
R.R. stands for Ricky Richards, an Australian lifestyle fashion designer. The philosophy of the label stems from supporting healthy, balanced lifestyles where style and comfort do co-exist. Fabrics such as merino wool, bamboo, linen, modal and tencel are used in various methods to create unique shapes and textures that flatter the female figure. The new AW2016 collection features what we call ‘Vetementisation’ currently trending.
Ralph Michelle
Ralph Michelle is a brand focused on skirts for young ladies. Design is of great importance to Ralph Michelle and the label has in particular pressed on to create their own unique style. Young and energetic, their skirts always win warm receptions by followers.
Rebecca Fitz
Rebecca Fitz is popular with the Chicago local fashion folks for its on-trend designs and simple, foolproof outfits. Youthful yet refined, the R&F label keeps customers hooked on highly acclaimed collections ranging from sleek pared-down frocks to chick statement outwears.
Remedy N.Y.
Remedy N.Y. has just celebrated its ten-year anniversary. As a New York based brand, it is known for cosy sweaters and boyfriend-style fits. Unique textures, skin-friendly materials and sophisticated techniques make Remedy N.Y. knitwear feel special, lending versatility to timeless wardrobe staples.
Launched in early 2011, Rosána was co-created by two talented young men, Fred Browley and Christ Church. These two guys came from different countries and it sees the label a distinctive fusion of urban and active elements.
Ruth Leung
Ruth Leung is a contemporary fashion brand with strong artistic concepts which takes clothing to a new exciting level, creating ingenious garments with immense dedication to detail and attention to precision. The brand seamlessly exudes effortless urban sophistication, vibrant modern spirit punctuated with edgy, pulsed and underlying hints of avant-garde design. 
Sasha Hush
Initially a student enrolled in cosmology, Sasha developed her love for fashion designing after living in New York for 2 years. She then spent four years learning pattern making, fabrics and manufacturing in a workshop outside of NY. Launched in 2012, Sasha Hush has a signature look full of delights, fun and adorability.
Created by the fabulous Cambodia model Zannem Viek, Scarlet-on-Cliff was launched in 2008 and it has since been a massive success in South Asia. Personal, sophisticated, this womenswear label displays a stunning collection of exquisite fabrics and silhouettes--unveiling a unique look.
Silvia Hugo
Based in Canada, Silvia Hugo specializes in innovation. Inspirations from fire-like maple leaves and dark forest, the label’s design has a touch of mystery. The innovative use of beads and seams to create eye-catching details is what the label best at.
Sol is an indie label created by Marta S. Devilla, a fashion designer who has recently graduated from BA in fashion design in Barcelona. Marta’s work is always based on a strong aesthetic which is pushed into boundaries, with a special attention to materials, fabrics, cut, and style. Currently Marta is working as a freelancer and always open to new projects and collaborations.
SOLUDE, created by Eddie Palm in the early 2000, is specialized at making monochrome elegant dresses. Eddie’s philosophy is to make dresses that delight a woman. The label is a side clothing line of Eddie’s boutique shop in London, but has inherited the great styles from the exquisite couture pieces.
Soul Mii
Launched in 2014, Soul Mii has an ambition to create exclusive fashion for plus size women. It is home to some extraordinary designs which attract both American and European fashion lovers. Soul Mii is known for its quality and bold details, such as embroideries on denim jackets.
Stylval collections portray the rich variety of designs that they have for fashion lovers, with their leisure sportswear, summer lace dresses, elegant skirts, and fashionable jackets on offer. The products are amazingly figure-friendly and with stylistic melange. It is one-stop online fashion mall for women of all sizes.
Tammy Fox
Grown up in a small town in South California and been living in New York for more than ten years, designer Tammy Fox is a typical American honey herself. A live, sweet, and young girl is what her label tries to represent.
Tarlian Jacjon
Featuring excellent details and loudly subtle embellishments, Tarlian Jacjon is a brand representing a magical inspiration in its most materialistic form. Born in Georgia, the designer always has a passion for styles that resonate his country of origin. Though he’s been away from that country for almost 20 years and he has very vague memories of the fashion style at that time, Tarlian found it easy to bend this vagueness into his design, creating a strong feel of warmth and at-ease.
THE CITY MANNEQUIN came into wholesale fashion for women two years ago. Fancy designs and blink accessories are well designed to suit all women. Clothing for different occasions and sizes for any shapes are made available here. The amazing full collections of attires have become the reason why the brand is remembered.
Founded by Penny Love, THE CRAVE is a label specialized in designs that best present female figures. Hails from Daventry, a mall town in England, Penny is eager to share her passion for quality woman’s apparel and hopefully make the label a success in North America.
The Masi Donna
Launched in the year of 2014, commonly known as the new era for E-commerce, Masi Donna Garments is a trendy female fashion label especially for plus-size women. Classic dresses, sweaters, and chiffon shirts in various designs are available here. Driven by online platforms, Masi Donna has tapped in a new world of possibilities.
The Plum
Nothing is as satisfying as being able to fit in a fancy dress. The Plum strives to ensure ladies of plus size get a fair share of the fashion world. The Plum is brand aims at providing world class designs that suit the needs of women of all body sizes. Shirts, dresses, dress shirts, sweaters, windbreakers, coats, and jackets, as well as vests are offered for sale to any woman who loves a fashionable look.
Tina M
The cleverest bit of Tina M is the classic, simply chic design. She has an ambition to revive the what-she-believes golden age of female fashion in the 1950s. Fond of the elegant basic color of black and white Tina’s designs give an impression of a capable personality.
Juliet Lively, a young and beautiful independent designer, started her own label TooTa in 2012. Designs from TooTa are more than just being crazy and funky. The bold use of color and clever designs have earned Juliet Lively recognition from worldwide.
Born and raised in Hong Kong, Eva Lim began her fashion designer career when she was 22 in 2012. Her natural flare for design became evident when she was very young as a little girl and her innate passion for fashion design led her road to this career. She considered it a lucky draw. In Hebrew, the name Eva is meaning Life. She believes human only dream of something and then implement it, in that moment they are truly alive; that moment is seen as instant eternity. She tries to interpret the thoughts and her Philosophy into the designs.
High standards on fabric quality is the secret behind U NEED ANN's success. Sample testing normally takes twice the amount of time than the peers. A unique understanding of latest trend is a plus, making this label the hottest on the list at the moment.
Ulysses Ingrid has been running three fashion boutiques in Los Angeles since early 2000s. In 2009 he started to sell his own designs and it became an instant market hit. Then he created a new label UInner in the following year and replaced all the goods in the boutiques with his own designs. UInner is a perfect choice for bold and unique styles.
Urban Closet
Created by the incredible Michelle Haenlein, Urban Closet is now on its way to become one of the most wanted fashion labels among fashion folks in Melbourne. Known for its stylish designs and exquisite details, the label enjoys a crowd of loyal enthusiasts.
Specializing at making exquisite and elegant little black dresses, V.Valarie never tries to hide her ambition in fashion industry. Her black dresses are personal, charming, and a little bit posh. This is where city chic meets noble.
Vankire is the expert in figure-flattering and unique clothing designs. This is a classy brand that regularly launches amazing clothing lines. The outfits here are all about inspiring women to appreciate their own. The brand aims to make women feel confident in what they do as who they are. Find a stunning dress or shorts or a classy light top that will make you rock in this season here.
For the past five years, Veronique and her associate designer have been quietly building cult-like following for their women suit and tuxedos. Le Smoking, Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic signature look, was what inspired this talented young lady. But that was neither the beginning nor the end of her design. ‘The modern interpretation of Le Smoking could be in various forms.’ said Veronique.
Vertigo was created by Katy Caillat, a girl at her twenties from North Carolina. She believes in the fundamental right of a woman to have an ego the same size as a man’s. And this belief is in every bit as central to the Vertigo label as of the designs.
In 2001, Jennifer Halt, inspired by her favorite J.C. Penney’s, created her own fashion label VICISSSIT. This affordable clothing line features distinctive minimalism, individuality and a strong feel channeling the 1980s hippies.
Vintage. MD
Vintage. MD is the ultimate fashion house that always comes up with unique designer clothing. Dominant with urban elements and featured bright color, fine cutting and soft fabrics, Vintage. MD’s designs never disappoint people who seek for a funky and in-the-limelight look.
Wizard House
Inspired by different life styles across the world, Wizard House always has warm reception from its followers for diversity in design. The mission of the label is to bring curiosity and inspiration into daily lives and explore the unexpected in fashion and life style.
The inspiration for the collection was driven by the demand for style and money-for-value, and more importantly, a sense of at-ease. The society can be quite brutal and the label was created for sparing the female a moment. Contrast in form and color gives the collection dramatic but tasteful look. The label has a focus on a mix&match and deconstruction approach.
Let’s introduce yo to Xande Basque, a mid-high-end designer label constantly blends price and quality yet at the same time maintaining a strong emphasis on the use of high quality non-toxic materials and respecting working conditions. The designer is always on the lookout for new innovations and never disappoints followers with new sophistication for each new collection. The womens collection can be defined as romantic, fresh, eclectic and daring, yet with a dreamy and feel-good sensation.
YEARNSANE is a sub brand from Jozen Pink and it was initially established for the European and North American market. YEARNSANE is specialized in carving out curvy women with tricks at the waist area. Pleats, wide stripes, belts and contrast are widely used to highlight the female figure. YEARNSANE has high standards on choosing materials and fabrics and the brand also believes it is unethical to use the factories that don’t treat their worker fairly.
Yoly X.X.X
Created by David Archer, the label Yoly X.X.X is a Hong Kong-based label with a strong illustrative style and this has lead to collaborations with many other designers who share similar value of designing luxe, forward thinking pieces for modern, intelligent women. Covetable contemporary pieces with a strong aesthetic are the main principles of the brand’s DNA. The collections concentrate on beautiful, detailed seam, lines and detail. With all pieces being made in the China but using thoughtfully sourced fabrics and materials, the label aims to revert people’s perception of cheap cloths from the country.
Founded in 2005 by Peter Martins, the label came to define the professional working woman’s wardrobe with sleek and sophisticated mix-and-match pieces. The designer aims at creating a less expensive clothing line for stylish women who also want a luxe look.
Zoey Finger
After graduated from a tree-year course on philosophy, Zoey Finger went to Paris for Esmod and started her own label a year later. Natural fiber is her favorite and she loves flocking, and creating clean styles akin to nature. Not limited to natural looks, Zoey has tried to bring in something new, such as the use of lantern sleeves and puff sleeves that give a sense of revivalism.

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