Ulysses Ingrid has been running three fashion boutiques in Los Angeles since early 2000s. In 2009 he started to sell his own designs and it became an instant market hit. Then he created a new label UInner in the following year and replaced all the goods in the boutiques with his own designs. UInner is a perfect choice for bold and unique styles.
Navy Blue Jacquard Long Sleeves Maxi Dress
$84.99 $262.79
Red Jacquard Long Sleeves Maxi Dress
$84.99 $262.79
Grey Knit Crop Cami Top
$23.99 $73.86
Grey Front Open Tunic Cardigan
$55.99 $193.83
Blue Half Sleeves Sweater
$99.99 $319.01
Dark Green Fringed High Neck Sweater
$120.99 $469.79
Dark Navy Lantern Sleeves Sweater
$89.99 $356.92
Green Sequins Oversized Sweater
$75.99 $227.55
Gray Embroidered Coat
$128.99 $515.08
Tan Embroidered Long Sleeves Coat
$149.99 $598.16
Navy Blue Embroidered Coat
$128.99 $515.08
Burgundy Short Sleeves Split Dress
$89.99 $267.69
Blue Short Sleeves Split Dress
$89.99 $267.69
Beige Half Sleeves Embroidered Pleated Dress
$69.99 $280.64
Royal Blue Embroidered Pleated Dress
$69.99 $250.30
Black Lace Flower Embroidered Dress
$87.99 $265.02