DEFY is the abbreviation of the legendary Princess Diana, who is considered the name of elegance by many. Founded in 2008, the first designers have set the basic tone of the style and sold mainly long skirts and longuettes. This was because at that time the designers believed that pants could never express female gentleness. However, a change of designers has changed the tone and now other female elements are widely used in this brands such as embroidery, silk and lace.
Fuchsia V Neck Peplum Sheath Dress
$98.99 $375.67
Purple Hollow Out Long Sleeves Dress
$89.99 $330.15
Navy Blue Pleated Chiffon Dress
$99.99 $297.84
Orange Floral Slit Chiffon Dress
$90.99 $282.01
Black Sheer Sleeves Chiffon Dress
$93.99 $279.75
Navy Blue Faux Twinset Dress
$93.99 $318.55
Navy Blue Round Neck Split Sleeves Dress
$91.99 $357.32
Flame Scarlet Embroidered Rhinestone Mini Dress
$83.99 $292.50
Purple Notch Neck Short Sleeves Dress
$69.99 $292.50
Navy Blue Butterfly Print Dress
$87.99 $349.80