Shortly after meeting an extremely talented designer Ailsa Glendon, CHICPICCO was launched by Glendon with investment from ZEVE in 2005. At first CHICPICCO had only two boutiques, one in Paris and the other in London, selling only limited edition clothing. But soon the demands from consumers exceeded supply, driving CHICPICCO into a fast fashion brand with volume production today.
White Color Block Short Sleeves Top with Black Lace Skirt
$84.99 $254.31
Blue Sleeveless Top with Pink Polka Dot Skirt
$91.99 $274.38
White Color Block Short Sleeves Top with Purple Lace Skirt
$84.99 $254.31
Purple Off the Shoulder Top
$41.99 $132.93
Black Off the Shoulder Top
$41.99 $132.93
White Sleeveless A-line Dress
$74.99 $269.82
Yellow Off the Shoulder Top
$41.99 $132.93