Annelies Bourgeois
French-origin, Annelies Bourgeois is an independent fashion designer currently living in Belgium. She loves desserts a lot and her passion for the sweet indulgence has been translated into her designs. The theme of Annelies' design is always "the girl's dream" but her designs serve a wide range of age because Annelies knows that every woman has a girl's dream, and every girl longs for getting mature. The classic features include lightsome skirt, bright colors and unique collars.
White Beaded Long Sleeves Dress
$60.99 $198.00
Red Round Neck Pleated Dress
$49.99 $194.42
Black Zipper Front Slit Dress
$55.99 $166.14
White T-shirt with Light Grey Suspender trousers
$68.99 $266.41
Sky Blue Pleated Dress
$66.99 $234.22
White Jacquard Dress
$54.99 $196.06
White Hollow Lace Dress
$80.99 $256.99
White Band Collar Striped Dress
$70.99 $232.62
Blue Zipper Front Dress
$87.99 $348.00
Black Round Neck Dress
$59.99 $236.32
Black V Neck Buttoned Dress
$59.99 $218.60