Created by Eliska Finkler, ORION is a womenswear label inspired by modern concept of minimalism on dressing. Designed in New York but mostly made in Taiwan, Orion aims at reinterpreting the classics in carefully sourced fabrics from the best factories you can find in Asia. Eliska believes in foundational dressing where personal singularity meets signature style. This is also a label actively engages in charitable events, such as Shining Hope.
Grey Batwing Sleeves Pullover Sweater
$31.99 $103.55
Dark Grey Collarless Coat
$33.99 $111.18
Red Orange Pockets Knit Vest
$49.99 $169.49
Grey Pockets Knit Vest
$49.99 $169.49
Royla Blue Pockets Knit Vest
$49.99 $169.49
Red Collarless Knit Vest
$40.99 $138.11
Red Pockets Knit Vest
$49.99 $149.55
Blue Pockets Knit Vest
$49.99 $149.55
Brown Slit Sweater Dress
$45.99 $158.31
Black Pockets Knit Vest
$49.99 $169.49
White Pocket Shirt Dress
$20.99 $64.39
White Zipper Pullover Sweater
$28.99 $85.86
Beige V Neck Rhinestone Sweater
$26.99 $96.37
$31.99 $101.92
Blue Turtleneck Loose Sweater
$39.99 $129.46
Black Horizontal Striped Sweater
$30.99 $117.00
Beige Batwing Sleeves Sweater
$36.99 $142.19