Cathy Bayonet
Cathy remembered that it was a black military-style wool-and-cashmere cover coat that inspired her to return to designer career after she failed and left the industry in the late 2000s. Coming back from a long break, Cathy has poured all of her passion into the designs, making every piece of design a fashion statement.
Blue Sleeveless Jumpsuit
$93.99 $309.18
Blue Short Sleeves Denim Jumpsuit
$147.99 $471.87
White Top with Suspender Denim Dress
$91.99 $283.28
Black Lapel Zipper Jumpsuit
$71.99 $271.24
White Lapel Zipper Jumpsuit
$71.99 $271.24
Coral Pink Polka Dots Print Cold Shoulder Jumpsuit
$71.99 $271.24
Blue Embroidered Denim Shirt Dress
$95.99 $372.61
Blue Sash Denim Jumpsuit
$157.99 $568.26
Yellow Sash Print Loose Jumpsuit
$112.99 $381.31
Blue Sash Print Loose Jumpsuit
$112.99 $381.31
Blue V Neck Belted Denim Jumpsuit
$91.99 $301.55
Black Sash Print Loose Jumpsuit
$112.99 $381.31
Blue Lace-Up Wide Leg Denim Jumpsuit
$112.99 $358.88
White V Neck Striped Tank Top
$23.99 $85.40
Blue Contrastl Collar Split Denim Dress With Belt
$92.99 $345.37
Blue V Neck Floral Denim Dress With Belt
$95.99 $306.66