Nina Mercy
Nina Mercy created her fashion label with an expectation to revive a technical skill-set in making best dress. Her astute attention to detail and appreciation for clean cutting are revealed in her 2016 F/W collection. As a diligent worker, visionary thinker, and detailed executor, Nina’s design strengths best depict on her dresses. Her insatiable affinity toward luxury, and unique approach to design, integrating rich texture whilst creating shapes of a draped yet tailored quality, define her aesthetic.
Blue Striped Shirt with Black Skirt
$89.99 $267.69
Blue Print Trench Coat with Sash
$84.99 $288.22
Black Striped Round Neck Dress
$84.99 $322.13
Black Striped Fringed Coat
$89.99 $294.46