Tina M
The cleverest bit of Tina M is the classic, simply chic design. She has an ambition to revive the what-she-believes golden age of female fashion in the 1950s. Fond of the elegant basic color of black and white Tina’s designs give an impression of a capable personality.
Green 3/4 Sleeves Print Blouse
$69.99 $276.92
Red Belted Floral Shirt Dress
$73.99 $257.67
Black Letter Print Shirt
$69.99 $276.92
Black Mermaid Dress
$48.99 $155.07
Grey Slit Front Buttons Midi Skirt
$60.99 $180.00
Black Slit Knee Length Skirt
$69.99 $249.23
Black Plaid Belted Dress
$78.99 $257.66