MADECA was created by María de Recalde. Raised by a family of creative wanderlusts, she developed a love for color and materiality in a setting where environmental consciousness was the norm.??María illustrates a multifaceted approach to sustainability and materiality through the concentration on waste reduction, fiber content, dyestuff, and traditional craft. Being exposed to the influences from her parents’ passion for world culture, María works with natural dyes to create vibrant and saturated colors and her label MADECA presents smart multicultural accents.
Black Lapel Collar Coat
$123.99 $482.74
Blue Striped V Neck Blouse
$123.99 $470.36
White Polka Dot Button Down Shirt
$79.99 $238.26
Light Blue Striped Button Down Shirt
$88.99 $300.36
Ink Blue Slit Skirt
$88.99 $291.52
Grey Wool Blend Skirt
$194.99 $758.16
White Slit Zipper Pants
$74.99 $262.32
Black Straight Leg Pants
$68.99 $245.92
Apricot Lapel Collar Coat
$123.99 $482.74